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The Planet is Dead EP

by Freen in Green

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The Planet is Dead is a concept EP written by drummer Annachie Myles as a college short story project. We asked our friend Ample Renitence to produce the album after being unsatisfied with our own mixes.

Comments from the Producer:
“It’s been a long year of waiting. After several bouts of technical difficulties from both sides (well on my end, not having a computer for 7 months), here we are with the final release of my favorite Freen in Green tracks to date!”
-Ample Renitence


released December 31, 2015

Album art: Isabun
Album Production: Ample Renitence

For individual credits, please see each song's own page.



all rights reserved


Freen in Green Winnipeg, Manitoba

Freen in Green is an animated band that can't settle on just one genre at a time.

Animated by the fantastic Isabun, we've also got an all-star lineup of collaborators such as Ample Renitence, Bumblefoot, Edobean, Freezepop, Single White Infidel and many more!

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Track Name: Quarantine Zone
Check it out!

Well mister lyrical paragraphs your tracks make me laugh
You fronted a microphone, you didn't pass math
In science, the main ingredient; to be the finest of the fittest
you did it and yo, I ain't with it.

You failed all the lessons, wanna remain in the top ten?
Stop, look. and listen, give props to the light skinned
Knowledge is the key to be the best of a black man
Wisdom understands the ways of a Deutsch land

Devilish attitudes that really make me rude
It's Friday the thirteenth, you're all doomed
It's Jason, and Michael Meyers, and Freddy all combined
You say we're the savages, but look who eats swine

The pig, there's only one vein in the body
I'm at the Hot Vocka and I want me a Swanee
Bring him along, I hear a bell, what the hell?
I'm tortured, the emcees, they promised not to tell!

Oh swell, I got too many styles you can get with
What's up Doc? Like Bugs Bunny with his carrot
Sing him a song, I wanna rock about the babies
It won't be long until you're pushing up daisies.
Track Name: The Planet is Dead (feat. Adamms & Single White Infidel)
The Planet is Dead
Go Home!

Stand the eff back
The blood moon is rising
Demons on the attack
You're the one who'll be dying with your

Ideology and Logical fallacies
It's a tactical strike
Deep neurological crawlin', see?

We can't survive or carry on
With one face representing, so many will fall
It's about time we all fought back,
Rise to rightful power and watch the odds stack!

It's a time bomb, it's about to blow
When the time comes, well then you'll know

A stab in the back, or a shot through the heart
show no signs of weakness, or be ripped apart

and remember

The Planet is Dead, Go home.
Track Name: No Reprieve for a Witness (feat. Ample Renitence & Pill Battle)
“All of this is pointless…why’d it have to be this way?”

You ever live like everybody’s against you
Nobody by your side in all the madness that you live through
Dark days, and these nights are cold
Living everyday life like you lost your soul
Then you’ll be in my world, one that’s power-driven
Where everything’s taken, nothing is ever given
Getting by is just a matter of being the worst
Possible person you can and not going down first
Because it’s you or them, time is running low now
You got three options, which way will you go do down
1: Mugged by your neighbor, 2: murdered by the cops
Or 3: fighting for your life until your heart stops
Get up run, better grab your gun
Never trust anyone, or you’ll be d-d-done
Indiscriminate violence you’re on everyone’s hit list
Nowhere to left to hide, no reprieve for a witness

Welcome to my side of hell
Broken glass and trails of blood
Dumpsters, spray paint, and smog
The way we live is all messed up
I’m sick and through with this world
No hope, no time for fleeting dreams
Resistance leads to your grave
Stagnation rips your life at the seams

“Attention citizens, leave now or we will be forced to clear the streets”

You ever live like you’re trapped in a cage
Full of dirty, hungry animals all seething with rage?
Dozens of these pests coming straight in a mass
And your only motivation is the onset of cash?
Welcome to my world, and it reeks of pit stains
Roadkill, and methane, It’s so real, it’s insane
How much these people wanna die, but dammit I ain’t gonna lie
A bullet shot straight through their eye just gives me the biggest high
Call me a murderer, call me a criminal
But if they just complied, then casualties would be minimal
We’re the ones who are doing all the good
Trying to progress the city the way that we should
But these parasites are trying to impede on our goals
And the price paid for getting in our way is the death toll
Indiscriminate violence, damn right you’re on our hit list
Nowhere left to run, no reprieve for a witness

[HOOK 2]
Welcome to my side of hell
Empty shells and splatters of blood
No sleep, no rest for the just
Body count on the rise and it effin' sucks
I’m sick and through with these fools
Burn it all till there’s nothing left
It’s game over for all these dissenters
The only one who can save them now is Death

Look at them…scrambling for their lives like the dogs that they are
They can try and run all they want, they won’t go very far
To be honest, I feel a little bad for them, it didn’t have to be this way
Too bad for them, taking this city was nothing but mere child’s play
While those rats scurry around killing each other for dirt and crumbs
We who hold the money and power are drinking shots of rum
The best part? We didn’t have to spend a single dime
A free murder show from this penthouse suite, life is just sublime
Track Name: Overthrown (feat. the Mysterious Shuffler)