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Commission Works

by Freen in Green

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A collection of tracks we were commissioned to do for others. For more info about the projects we've composed for, check the individual song credits.


released June 12, 2013



all rights reserved


Freen in Green Winnipeg, Manitoba

Freen in Green is an animated band that can't settle on just one genre at a time.

Animated by the fantastic Isabun, we've also got an all-star lineup of collaborators such as Ample Renitence, Bumblefoot, Edobean, Freezepop, Single White Infidel and many more!

Classic FiG Archive:
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Track Name: Project TWI3D - Level Theme 01
Track Name: Radio J3 - The Pirate Radio Station (Intro ver.)
Well what have we here? Let's take a look~
Oh no, not again!

Yeah that's right! We go missing for a little while and all hell breaks loose on the streets!
Can't a guy get any sleep in this city?!
Whoa whoa whoa, What do you mean it's been 12 years?! We been gone for that long?
Really? Well damn, we've got a little bit of catching up to do then don't we?
Get comfy in those beds and I'mma tuck you in and tell you a little story...

About a decade ago, overseas somewhere,
there was a huge battle fought out on the streets,
a real war over expression and territory.
Not only were all sorts of punks and gangs getting involved,
but also a corrupt police division, lead by "Mr.R",
an evil businessman with a dark connection to the supernatural world.
That's some freaky stuff right there!

In the end, the punks rose up and took Mr.R down,
the war against 'em revealed his evil intentions,
so he was exiled, tossed away to rot in some prison somewhere on some unknown island.
Rumor has it though, that he used some black voodoo Mumbo Jumbo to escape...
And that he's hiding over here in the West, planning his next move...

With all of these suits hangin' around, and all these new sketchy laws bein' passed...
I wouldn't be surprised if it were true after all.
Is this side of the world safe? Who's going to rise up against him if it's true?!
Don't touch that dial, And remember,
You're listening to the number one pirate radio station all across the universe!
We're talkin' Radio-J3, baby!
Yeah! Let's get the ball rollin', shall we?
Track Name: Radio J3 - Buyin' Somethin'?
I'm gon' make you feel it.
Track Name: Video Series - Dummied Out! (Main Theme)
Wah, It's Dummied Out!
Track Name: Video Series - Dummied Out! (Short Theme)
Wah, It's Dummied Out!
Track Name: Video Series - Spoonful of Cats BGM 01
My name is Heather Bloss
Better known as Cloe Bloss
Welcome to the Igloo Zone
Where you stay cool

Chillin' Time
Just kinda havin' fun
I'm so happy
Totally makes sense

Chillin' time

Stay cool
Stay cool
Stay cool