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This Album is Green

by Freen in Green

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This is the debut album by the animated band "Freen in Green"! It tells the story in the form of a video game progression of a group of friends overcoming any odds to come out on top. The second half of the album, however (From Gourmet Bean and on) is a more personal tale of the band's everyday life.


released December 10, 2010

The Band:
*Aptiva - Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitars
*Mint - Drums, Percussion.
*Adam - Bass, SFX
*Mysteri - Synth, SFX
*Zoot-9000 - Keyboard

Guest Stars:
*Marcus Russell - track 11, 14; vocals
*Smoker - Track 9, 13; vocals
*Mike Pollock, Track 12; Vocals
*The Zombies of the World, Track 12; Vocals
*Jeffrey Supernova, Track 12; Vocals
*Matt Myers, Track 4; Speech

Arty "Cherry" Lereedom



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


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Freen in Green Winnipeg, Manitoba

Freen in Green is an animated band that can't settle on just one genre at a time.

Animated by the fantastic Isabun, we've also got an all-star lineup of collaborators such as Ample Renitence, Bumblefoot, Edobean, Freezepop, Single White Infidel and many more!

We also do commissions for soundtracks and songs on occasion, maybe you've heard of us on YouTube or in a video game before!
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Track Name: Frontier Factory



Track Name: Endure, Defend, Attack!
[Verse 1]

This is our stage
For battles fought today
Fight for our lives
Fighting for yours and mine
Believe in yourself and you will go far
Break through the heavens, and reach to the stars!

Don't hesitate
We've been through so much today
Can't stop now
Not when it seems so close
Broke through the surface
And conquered the oceans
Don't lose your focus
The fight has just begun!


Endure, Defend, Attack!

Endure, Defend, Attack!

Endure, Defend, Attack!

Endure, Defend, Attack!

[Verse 2]

Don't just fight back
Plan this carefully
Just one wrong move and it's over
and if you still can't believe in yourself
then believe in me!
Just who the hell do you THINK I AM!?

Can't concentrate
Dust flying every-which way
my heart stops
Then you emerge victorious
You upped the ante
and proved to us all
With your power it's the final curtain call!


From under the waves we rose up and against all odds we ascended towards the surface. Unflinching, we broke free of our prison and conquered the ocean! We're mean, we're badass, and no one can hold us back! This reference will PIERCE THE HEAVENS!!!
Track Name: Ramp Truck


I'm Free!


Freen in Green!

We're roaring riding to the scene
Pimpalicious death machine
Pumping steam
Pink ice cream
Damn, it's good being Freen in Green!

I'm so pumped up
I bleed caffeine
The world's my marble
I'm the queen!
Glitterific cosmic beam
Damn, it's good being Freen in Green!

Eenie meenie minie moe
Catch a genie let her go
Rub that marble
Nice and slow
We'll make music, don't you know

Smoke and mirrors
Flash and flare
Psycho bubble double dare

I scream you scream
We all scream for Freen in Green
Surfin' in a submarine
Go back in a time machine
This lyric's gonna get obscene,
What the *honk* else rhymes with green!?

(It's not easy being Freen... You know what I mean?)


Eenie meenie minie moe
Catch a genie let her go
Rub that marble
Nice and slow
We'll make music, don't you know

Smoke and mirrors
Flash and flare
Psycho bubble double dare

I scream you scream
We all scream for Freen in Green



(Freen in Green! Yeah!)

Freen in Green!


Track Name: Electrical Fury

MARCUS: This is a retake of a song we recorded yesterday. However due to a power failure, we lost the original recording... so you guys have to record it all again!
EVERYONE: (Disappointed Chatter)
MARCUS: Sorry.
APTIVA: Well, it's okay! I remember exactly how the song went, so just follow me you guys!

[ACT 1]

ZOOT: Waaaaaait, Cut it!
APTIVA: W-what?!
ZOOT: These memory banks are saying that this is miles away from what actually went down there, flyboy.
MINT: HAHA, That was SO wrong.
APTIVA: Oh... Whoops.
ZOOT: Just follow me guys, and I'll show you how to really beat it out!
MINT: YAY! We get to do it again!

[ACT 2]

MINT: Hold up! Uhh, Zoot, I d-don't think that was it.
ZOOT: (Zoot has encountered a critical error and must restart)
MINT: OH OH! I remember it, I remember it! This is what it was!

[ACT 3]

APTIVA: Oh yeah, that does sound familiar Mint...yeah!
ADAM: Uh, Mint? That's Frontier Factory
APTIVA: Huh wait wh-- Oh yeah! *Stops*
MINT: What're you talking about Adam? That's not Frontier Factory, that's Erratic Eruption! You're always after me!
ADAM: *sigh* Whatever, I'm out of here.
MINT: Cheese Juice!!
MARCUS: *Sigh* I guess I can just use this recording for the song?

ZOOT: ... Did I miss anything?
Track Name: Neighbors ate my Zombies!

[Neighbor] "Howdy Neighbor! Say, Can I borrow your falafel?"
[Mint] "Who's that?"
[Adam] "It's just the neighbors."

[Neighbor] "As they say, the more the merrier!"
[Mint] "What's that guy talking about?"
[Aptiva] "I don't know!"
[Adam] *Sigh*

[Mint] "Guys, hold up, there's- there's zombies walking on our lawn!... Wait... That's normal."
[Neighbor] "Delicious! It tastes just like chicken!"
[Mint] "but... That neighbor! He's EATING one of the-- Augh!"
[Neighbor] "Well, you ARE what you eat!"

[Adam] "Ugh, you guys, it's JUST the neighbors!"
[Mint] "Wait, what're we talking about?"
[Adam] "Ugh. He was a neighbor, Mint, he. was. a. NEIGHBOR."
[Cherry] "Adam! Would it kill you to just move?!"
[Aptiva] "YEAH, Some of us are trying to run!"

[Neighbor] "Turns're NOT what you eat!"

[ZOMBIE NOISES + Guy getting eaten]
[Zoot] "uhh, should we go help that guy?"
[Aptiva] "We should go help him!"
[Mint] "It's too late for him... I guess he'll be eating falafels in heaven..."

[Neighbor] "Not a fan of liver but...this is GREAT!"
[Jeffrey Supernova] "My Zombies! What're you doing to my Zombies!?"
[Mint] "He's eating them! oh my god we should go stop him, somebody think of the zombies!!"
Track Name: [Bonus] Grocery Party

Oooh yeah
It's Saturday
It's time to party

I'm gettin' ready.
Time to go put on my fancy shoes and fancy pants
the ones that I bought at the fancy store

I'm gettin' ready.
Time to have some fun
with my friends from the
Grocery store where we
all work together

and look forward to the party.
We have lots of parties
just not at the grocery store.

'Cause that would be dumb!
What kind of losers have a party at the grocery store?

Not me!

Grocery store
Gr-gr-gr-grocery store
What kind of losers have a party at the grocery store?

Not me!

Track Name: [Bonus] Epic Lag (Lagged)
["LYRICS" (if you can call them that)]

Mint: UH, I think Aptiva lagged!
Marcus: *Sigh*, I'll get him back in, hold on.
Zoot: AW! Keyboard solo baby!!

Aptiva: Oh no, Mint!
Zoot: Mint went MIA, Dawg!
Marcus: Whoops, I'll fix it.

Mint: I think Zoot's internet connection broke
Marcus: Ugh, now Zoot too?

Mint: ZOOT, OH GOD NO, You were so young, you were only four weeks old
Zoot: WHOA Baby, that was WHACK!
Mint: I'm older than you Hahaha-- Nooo Zooot!
Marcus: ugh, hold on.

Mint: GUYS, Aptiva Lagged out!
Marcus: Hold on!

Aptiva: Uh, I think someone lagged out!
Zoot: huh, I dunno, I didn't detect any loss of soundwaves there, cat.
Marcus: It was Adam, I'll get him back in, hold on
Mint: Whaddaya mean Adam's gone? He's right here! Don't you hear him, right there, in the background?!
Aptiva: UH-I DON'T KNOW!
Mint: I can totally hear- He's RIGHT THERE
Marcus: Now Zoot too?
Mint: Oh, Hi Adam! Yeah, I knew you were gone!
Adam: Ughh, I hate you guys...

Marcus: Be right back
Phil: Oh, hey you guys!
(Assorted Chatter)
Phil: What's goin' on?

Mint: HEY GUYS, What does this red button d--